Thanks for dropping in to meet our Executive Team! We are dedicated and enthusiastic, and one thing’s for sure, you’ll never meet a livelier group of hard-working, people-pleasing, stuff-knowing individuals.

Our entire Team has these things we all have in common, and that is we love people, doing right by our clients and, of course, Maintenance Care!

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Dan RobergePresident, CEO

I’ve always disliked trends and often seem to have an opinion drastically opposed to the masses. Being a business owner has challenged that concept in me, every single day.

Zbignew ChlopekCTO

I am responsible for coding all the ones and zeros in Maintenance Care since the beginning. I’m also a great exTerminator (said like Ahhnauld) of our system bugs, but I challenge you to find any.

Laurie RobergeCFO, COO

I truly believe “the world makes way for those who know where they’re going” and currently, I’m going crazy, so please step aside and make way ;)