Amazon Alexa Is Your Personal Assistant Within Your CMMS System

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You Can Now Interact Hands-Free With Maintenance Care By Using The Most Sophisticated Personal Voice Assistant Available, Amazon Alexa.

Easy To Use
Once you have set up your Amazon Echo Dot ($50.00 Retail), you will be able to interact with Maintenance Care with simple every day voice commands like "How many new tasks do I have?" or "How many tasks did I get this month?". Keep working at whatever you are doing and have Alexa read you the task details so you can determine if it needs to be dealt with right away!


What Do I Say To Alexa?

Do I Have Any New Tasks?

Instead of setting up email notifications, you can simply ask Alexa if you have received any new tasks since the last time that you asked. She will let you know!

How Many New Tasks Do I Have?

If you want Alexa to give you a count of all the new tasks (or pending, closed and reopened) just ask how many, and you will get a quick count.

How Many New Tasks Since Last Week?

You can also set time periods for the quantity of tasks you are requesting such as last week, last month or this year. Don't just limit your questions to New tasks either, Alexa will respond to any Status.

Can You Read My Last 2 New Tasks?

Not only can you get a count of tasks, but you can have Alexa actually read out the task details to you. Again, timelines to different tasks statuses can be added to your question to be more specific.

What Does My Building Message Say?

Do you have a sticky note message on your maintenance request page? Ask Alexa what it says to make sure it's what you are communicating to everyone the right message.

What's New With Maintenance Care?

Want to know the latest features developed for your CMMS software, now just ask Alexa and she will run down the list of new things you can start using within Maintenance Care today!

Other Useful Apps



Ask today's weather to determine if it may affect certain maintenance tasks that you need to get done.



Have Alexa read you the headlines in the news in case they may impact any of your work environment.



Check Alarm systems, turn off lights and unlock doors and automate your facility with voice commands.

Health Facts

Health Facts

In need of some advice about a health issue that you need to respond to? Just ask the question to Alexa.


You Can Purchase Amazon Alexa Online On The Amazon.Com Store, Or Your Local Best Buy.