Case Studies and Whitepapers

Preventive Maintenance Never Gets Old

Great software grows and moves with you. That was also the case for Walter, the Director of Plant Operations at the Methodist Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation in New York. Read how he brought Maintenance Care’s custom CMMS with him to his new job and how it benefitted the whole company.

Fortune Favours The Nifty

(How One University Used CMMS To Get Through COVID)

When the University of Washington's Recreation Facility Management signed up for Maintenance Care in fall 2019, they didn't know how valuable that decision would prove very soon. Within half a year, remote work order tracking became much more than a convenient gadget: an essential tool to keep business running from a distance during an unprecedented lockdown situation.

An A+ for Adaptability

A school operator in California reached out to a Shayne Hale Consulting LLC because their maintenance costs were through the (broken) roof. The Facility Management Program they were using at the time just couldn’t bring it. The consultant’s recommendation: Maintenance Care’s custom CMMS.

Challenge: The client’s old software couldn’t keep up with the complex task management required.

Making Sense With Sensors

A skilled nursing facility, Silver Bluff Village needs to keep their buildings operating at a high standard. One requirement? A wet sprinkler system — with water always sitting in the pipes ready to go for the safety of the residents.

The Solution: Maintenance Care’s Sensor System

Creating A Simple Process That Works

Kensington Health Care Centre needed to improve the efficiency of its facility maintenance management process to improve staff productivity and provide better information for quality improvement and safety issue tracking purposes.

Kensington Health

Challenge: Capturing workflow and improving accountability.

Asset Maintenance History

It became very apparent for Retirement Concept out of British Columbia that a cmms solution for tracking repair history on equipment was necessary. It was understood from the beginning that to effectively maintain proper records, the system of choice had to be sustainable on a daily basis.

Retirement Concepts

Challenge: Utilizing the power of cmms to improve asset maintenance history.

Beating The Geographical Challenge

For a maintenance service and personel company like Nova Services, the challenge was to be able to monitor all of their placed staff across the country from head office. Travel expenses being so high, managing staff remotely required a software approach that delivered results.

Nova Services

Challenge: Service multiple geographically distant locations