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At Maintenance Care, we are dedicated to ensuring transparency and promptly addressing any questions you might have. We compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions related to using a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for your facility management software. These questions have been grouped into three distinct categories and address a wide range of topics commonly of interest to our clients. Should you have any further questions that are not covered in the list, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be more than happy to provide additional assistance. For a deeper understanding of the functionality and capabilities of Maintenance Care, we invite you to schedule a demo with one of our experts.

General Maintenance Care FAQs

Maintenance Care FAQs offer answers to frequently asked questions about our CMMS software.
Is Maintenance Care 100% Web Based?

Yes! From start to finish, Maintenance Care was created for the web. There are no installations or downloads needed to work with Maintenance Care on your computer, and you can access your CMMS from any web-connected device, including your mobile phone.

Can Work Orders Be Emailed or Texted to My Team?

Yes. You can automate email or text message notifications by type of request or building area for every work order.

Is There A Mobile App?

Yes. Maintenance Care’s iMCare app allows users to access their CMMS on the go and can be installed on Android or Apple devices.

How Often is the CMMS Updated?

Enterprise Edition users benefit from consistent upgrades to the CMMS system with no changes in price. Typically, we like to do updates once per quarter. Your service will not be interrupted during that process.

What Training Do You Provide?

Maintenance Care offers full, comprehensive onboarding and training for you and your entire team. Not only that, customer support is included in your membership, so you can contact us anytime if you experience issues or challenges — at no extra cost.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

No. The monthly price you are quoted is all you will have to pay to continue using Maintenance Care. We do not limit the number of users, tasks, PMs or assets you enter in the system. There are optional additional costs for onsite asset data entry services, additional space center storage or GetSensored temperature sensors. 

What is the Cost Of Maintenance Care?

Maintenance Care’s plans are competitive and based on the size of your facility. Pricing can easily be determined by contacting Maintenance Care directly. Multiple locations will qualify you for bulk discount savings.

Are There Any Long-Term Contracts?

No. Maintenance Care memberships are month-to-month, so you do not need to sign any long-term agreements. You can cancel at any time with 30 days' notice.

Is this CMMS for Small Businesses and Large Corporations?

Absolutely. Because Maintenance Care is fully scalable, it works well for small businesses with one maintenance person or large, multi-location organizations with many maintenance employees at different levels.

What Operating System Does Maintenance Care Run On?

Maintenance Care can be accessed from any type of mobile browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. The bac-end of the CMMS Software is built on MySQL Databases with Java front end and Sencha Touch Interface design.

Security FAQs

Explore our security FAQs to learn about the measures we take to ensure the safety of your data on our CMMS platform.
Where is the Data Stored?

All information is saved and backed up several times on our hosted servers, which provides a greater security for your data. For the main application, we use iWeb in Montreal, QC, and for the Space Center, we use AmazonS3 Cloud Storage.

What Type of Database Does it Use?

Maintenance Care utilizes the power of MySQL databases for the back end. The application is written in Java with Ajax layouts. The mobile app utilizes the latest Sencha 2 technology.

What Type of Encryption Does it Use?

Maintenance Care utilizes one of the most reliable security certificates available, so it is most compatible with all browsers and most networks. All of our communication within the system is done via an HTTPS secure connection.

Who Does the Data Belong To?

In our Terms and Conditions, we clearly state that the information that you enter inside of your Maintenance Care account is your property, and you can export it from the software at any time. We make sure your data is secure and regularly backed up.


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What is A CMMS?

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is a computer system created to simplify the maintenance management process. Its features may include the management of Work Orders, the planing and execution of Preventive Maintenance and the more detailed aspects of Asset Tracking.

What is Work Order Management Software?

Work order management software makes paper maintenance requests a thing of the past. Repairs and other tasks recognized by visitors, staff or residents of a facility can be submitted through a web form, and facilities maintenance managers can assign and track each work order within their digital system to ensure it is completed promptly.

What Industries Benefit From a CMMS?

The way we see it, pretty much every industry can benefit from using a CMMS Software. Since every industry requires work to be done, both on an occasion basis and on a repeating basis, a well functioning CMMS System can only help in organizing those individuals who are responsible for managing those tasks.

Difference Between CMMS & Facility Management Software?

In essence, both are the same. CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is just another way to describe what Facility Management Software does.


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