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     Powerful Mobile CMMS

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     Preventive Maintenance Software

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The Best CMMS Maintenance Management Software
for Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance and Asset Management

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Easy Work Requests

Our CMMS gives access for submitting maintenance requests easily through a customized web form.

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Preventive Maintenance

Plan your entire workload and improve building efficiencies automatically through sound CMMS scheduling.

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Asset Management

CMMS software allows you to easily and accurately track all expenses related to the equipment or assets in your facility.

Free Work Order Software

Try our CMMS Software for Free Now!

Maintenance Care is one of the best CMMS software available on the marketplace today. It's easy to use, fast to set-up, and allows you to access all your maintenance work easily in one convenient location. Get instant access to your Free Work Order Software right now, and start managing your tasks quickly and easily. Maintenance Care is a full-featured, comprehensive CMMS program which allows you to easily manage work orders, preventive maintenance and all the assets in your facility. Get started today by signing up for your free version and get instant access.


CMMS Software Features

Easy Work Orders

Provide easy access for others to submit maintenance requests through a customized web form. In turn, allow your maintenance team to receive requests directly on their task list, keeping work orders always accessible from any computer or mobile device.This feature is part of the Free CMMS Software available for you to sign up today.

Set up instant notifications of new work orders, and relay tasks to the appropriate person based on the type of request being submitted.

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Maintenance Tasks

Keeping things easily accessible allows a team to manage all of their tasks without having to search around for lost items.

Maintenance Care handles your workflow better than most other CMMS Programs as it allows for your team to quickly sort all of your information in one convenient, well displayed list. Our Maintenance Management System can help you utilize the information displayed within your task list to create workflows for your team to utilize on a daily basis, gaining true efficiency.

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Preventive Schedule

Plan your entire workload and improve building efficiencies automatically through sound scheduling. Review ongoing task scheduling routines and make changes easily to minimize unproductive time.

Our CMMS System is flexible and provides you with the ability to change task frequency, level of importance and assignment responsibilities quickly and easily. Identify those scheduled tasks that require special attention allowing to maintain standards for compliance regulators.

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Asset Life Cycle

Keep all of your asset details in one convenient, easy to navigate location. Maintain records on all essential profile information including make, model, serial number and much more. Access each item's information using our mobile app for your convenience.

Maintenance Care's easy-to-use CMMS System can help you predict asset performance or life expectancy, which in turn, will help save your organization thousands of dollars every year.

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Dashboard Reporting

Included as part of our Free CMMS Software, our beautifully designed dashboards provide a quick way of interpreting of all your systems. Access several pie charts and bar graphs, making it an addictive daily reminder of how well your facility is doing. Modify and customize them and easily print any for distribution.

Run endless reports on various components within your facility including staff performance, facility trending and much more.

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Mobile App

Imagine accessing your full CMMS Software on your mobile device. Our mobile app allows your maintenance team to manage tasks, calculate time spent on a project, receive notifications for preventive maintenance and use barcode scanning for look up on asset information.

The best part is that it works on all Apple mobile touch devices including iPods, iPhones or iPads as well as your choice of Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy.

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Space Center

Think of the Space Center as your universe of document storage. You can choose to upload any file types including videos, schematics, MSDS forms, or training documents.

The most popular type of file uploaded are images for assets or before and after pics of tasks that have been recently completed. No matter what type of file you choose to uploads, rest assured that it safe and secure and will be easy to find throughout Maintenance Care.

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Vendor Store

Imagine if your Maintenance Management System could also be your purchasing and quoting system. By utilizing our newly created Vendor Store, you gain access to a vast variety of contractors and vendors who are ready to serve your needs.

Quickly search for a vendor by region or category and request an estimate for a project. You can also instantly download their suggested preventive maintenance schedules and add them to your preferred list.

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Get Sensored

Create a smart facility by using our small, frequency-based wireless temperature sensors, to gain access to readings for any parts of your facility no matter how remote.

All of your temperature readings are logged and saved into your CMMS System for easy access. You can install a various number of sensor types for multiple usage including fridges, boilers, server rooms, general surface, submersible or temperature monitoring as well as ambiant room humidity.

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Customer Reviews on our CMMS Software

CMMS Software
Rated 5/5 based on 4 customer reviews

"Great Software Program"Leon Deluca
Coast Hotels

"I have worked with many other types of Maintenance software, and this one is by far my system of choice. The support from Maintenance Care tech team, is fabulous, real people, with answers."

  • "Awesome Software"Jesse Badillo
    Eldorado Country Club

    "This software is user friendly and has alot to offer, I really enjoy using it everyday and so does my team. I recommend it, the team at Maintenance Care has been extremely helpful from day one."

  • "Exceeded Expectations"Gerrit Brendenkamp
    Retirement Concepts

    "Results and successes far exceeded our expectations. Much of this can be attributed to the ongoing support from the Maintenance Care team. We are more than satisfied with our choice of product."

  • "Easy to Track"Darrell Bennett
    Haven Hill

    "This system is great, i like that it is user friendly and keeps track of systems and expenses in each area. Easy to track and great customer service, always willing to help. Thanks Maintenance Care! "


    CMMS Software That Powers These Industries


    From Long Term Care homes to Senior Living buildings or Hospitals, compliance for health and safety is often the primary reason for utilizing a reliable and secure CMMS Program.

    Hotels & Resorts

    Single location hotels or multi-chain organization seek the well-beings of traveling visitors and a desire upkeep individual rooms, a CMMS System becomes fundamental to the process.

    Retail Locations

    Many strip malls or branded chain locations require one standard for maintaining their properties. Nothing can provide this more than a good Maintenance Management Software.

    Golf Courses

    Managing a golf course includes the upkeep of your maintenance equipment such as lawn mowers and tractors, not to mention keeping a classy club house and restaurant.

    Manufacturing Plants

    Large or small manufacturing plants or warehouses are in need of some serious health and safety preventive maintenance so that everyone can work with peace of mind.

    Government Buildings

    Court houses, water filtration or waste management plants, to name a few, look for security in a robust database all of which is found in an effective CMMS System.


    A school campus seeking to create a safe environment for their students, will look for an effective Maintenance Management System to quickly solve those potential issues.

    Property Managers

    Managing several locations for your customers, you can utilize the power of a sleek CMMS Program to validate your services and provide real cost savings to your clients.

    Small Businesses

    No matter the type of business you manage, if you have the need for receiving requests from your customers, you can use our Free Work Order Software to help you get there.


    We Create Awesome For You

    Our team is smart, fun and good looking... well, we like to think so. From the ground up, we wanted to build a product and a company that was vibrant, connected to its customers and always improving. We feel like we've been trying to bring sexy-back to maintenance to a level not seen since Duane Schneider jingled his keys on television. We aim at making your experience fun and practical. You need something that works for you, not something that you work at, and our team is focused at making that happen.

    A Rock Star team, energetic and full of enthusiasm, dedicated to making sure your Maintenance Management Software experience is just right.
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