Your Work Order
Management Software.

Set up an effective workflow for managing incoming task requests through your facilities management system.

CMMS for Work Orders

Streamline work orders so no request goes unfulfilled.

Allow others to submit work orders directly to your maintenance team to keep your facilities operating smoothly. Our work order software offers a simple way to organize and tackle maintenance tasks. All of your data is sorted and managed so facility managers, supervisors and directors can run reports and make informed decisions for time and money-saving initiatives. Our maintenance work order app and desktop computerized maintenance management system will help your entire process become more streamlined and allow your maintenance personnel to gain considerable operational efficiency daily.

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Easy Work Order
Request Form.

Grant access to submit maintenance requests easily through a customized web form. Enable your maintenance teams to directly receive requests and get notified instantly about new work orders. Allow users to submit requests using desktop computers or our app for maintenance work on mobile tablets, kiosks or any web-enabled device.

Improve communication, keep requests organized and accomplish tasks on time.

Work Order Assignment.

Manage your work orders from one user-friendly dashboard. Assign users, set a due date, label areas, add comments and attach emails and important documents within your work order management system. Easily and efficiently manage your entire maintenance team's tasks, and access everything you need on the go—from upcoming tasks to asset management—from our mobile apps.

Keep track of work in the office or out in the field.

Work Order Maintenance List.

Available with Maintenance Care’s Free Forever work order software, your team can quickly access all requests in one convenient, clearly readable and accessible list. Quick sorting, column layout preferences, easy filtering or right-clicking shortcuts are available for maximum efficiency in your maintenance operations. Customize your work order management process for various use cases by leveling up to our Enterprise plan.

A central location for your work orders speeds up your day.

Automatic Notification to
Mobile Device.

Allow your team to be automatically notified of any new service requests or preventive maintenance work that needs attention. A must for all good work order management software, emails and text messages can be delivered instantly to any mobile device allowing you to stay in direct contact with your team regarding any urgent issues.

Stay in the loop and never miss an important request.

Email Directly Within Work Orders.

Each work order task contains its own story, and email communication with submitters, contractors, coworkers, maintenance managers, facility management and others is a major part of that conversation. With our email client, you can compose, send, reply to and forward emails, as well as create contact lists and attach files. Plus, all email history is tied directly to the work order task, so keeping track of all communication associated with a request is even easier.

An efficient method of completing and tracking communication around work orders.

Smart Work Order Duplication Check.

Cut down on duplicate tasks and save time with our smart duplication checker. This alert will warn anyone who submits a work order if their request is similar to another that has already been submitted. If a submission is suspected to be a duplicate of one recently made, a warning will pop up, giving the user the ability to review it before canceling or proceeding.

Save your maintenance team time by avoiding accidental duplicate requests.

Work Order FAQ’s

We have been providing work order management software for over 14 years and the very foundation of the entire system was built on the work order process. So much so that most of the elements within Maintenance Care, such as preventive maintenance and asset management, tie in to work orders in some way or another. Task management is what we know and our system will help you get organized. We optimize your operations and provide expert guidance on utilizing our work order software, making it essential for your needs!

What Is Work Order Software?

Work order software is a feature built into your CMMS that allows you to manage incoming task requests. Whether you're handling property management or directing day-to-day operations, you can use this system to easily send and receive instant work orders and other maintenance requests, as well as streamline your daily activities. All documentation can then be stored in your CMMS for easy accessibility by the rest of the maintenance team.

What Features Does Work Order Software Include?

Work order software offers a variety of different features to help your team succeed. Capabilities include instant online request forms, mobile work order management, maintenance lists, instant notifications and email capabilities. Maintenance Care’s work order software also includes a duplicate task checker so the same work requests aren't submitted multiple times. You can access and manage all work orders via the Maintenance Care app.

How Does Work Order Software Work?

Work requests are part of Maintenance Care’s larger CMMS software. This feature allows users to send and receive instant online work order requests that detail everything your team needs to know about a particular job or repair. It also allows your team to receive instant notifications and identify which tasks are pending and which have been completed in one convenient place, so maintenance scheduling is easier and more convenient.

How Will Work Order Software Help My Team?

Work order software will simplify your team’s day-to-day activities. Whether you’re using our Free Forever version specifically built for digital work orders or our more robust, upgraded CMMS plans, your employees will no longer have to rely on manual forms to complete tasks. Best of all, team members will be more productive when they don’t have to waste time picking up, dropping off or cataloging manual work orders. Maintenance scheduling is simplified with maintenance software for work requests.

What Other Benefits Does Work Order Software Provide?

Because work order software provides quick and easy access to all maintenance tasks, from complete to pending, new and rejected, no facility management task will go unnoticed. Maintenance managers will also be able to track all information surrounding each work order request with the ability to email clients and send and receive texts. Everything you need is in one, easy-to-navigate location to improve efficiency, speed up your day and receive notifications on the fly. Additionally, Maintenance Care offers features for asset management, preventive maintenance tasks and much more.

How Much Does Work Order Software Cost?

Maintenance Care’s basic work order software is completely free. However, not all work order features are available with the Free Forever plan, such as inventory and asset management and unlimited users. To experience the full benefits of the software, we recommend trying our Work Order or Enterprise Editions. These upgraded plans give you a larger range of features to help you streamline and improve your maintenance operations, whether you’re in property management, own a small business or oversee a large chain of facilities with numerous maintenance managers.

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