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We provide support through the entire process of setting up your CMMS, start to finish. From defining your maintenance goals and objectives, to customizing to your specific needs, to training your team, Maintenance Care provides the expertise and support you need to succeed. Learn about our implementation process.


Work Orders

Simple & To The Point

Our work order software gives you immediate access to an improved workflow. All of your data is sorted and managed so facility managers, supervisors and directors can run reports and make informed decisions for time and money-saving initiatives.


Preventative Maintenance

PM Schedules From Anywhere

Plan the workload for your maintenance teams and improve building efficiencies using preventive maintenance scheduling software.


Asset Tracking

Get the most from your equipment

Our asset maintenance management system centralizes all necessary information. Access streamlined records of essential assets from a single list within our tracking systems.


Parts & Inventory

Tracking Made Easy

Easily track and manage all of your spare parts and other inventory from a single, user-friendly database.


Scheduling & Reports

A Clear Picture With CMMS Reporting

From asset expenses to staff performance and facility trending, our customizable dashboards make maintenance reporting simple for keeping track of key performance indicators and more.


Mobile Application

Mobile CMMS allows your team to work on the fly

With the Maintenance Care CMMS mobile app, your maintenance team can take all of their tasks, requests, updates and important information with them anywhere on any mobile device. 


What Our Satisfied Clients
Are Saying.

"The ROI that we find being very beneficial with Maintenance Care, particularly from the general manager's perspective, is that if I find we're spending 100 hours on one HVAC system just to keep it limping along, I can go before my board and say, 'It's time to replace this one.' Maintenance Care has been, by far, the most practical from a user's perspective and by far the most customer friendly."

Mike Huber
General Manager/COO, Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center

"The preventative maintenance program that's part of the software... you never miss another preventative maintenance. Your equipment lasts longer because it's taken care of. This program has changed my life, it has changed the way we do things daily."

Colleen Clementi
Director of Operations, Rygiel Supports for Community Living

“We were using a very labor-intensive system that was combined with paper work orders. Maintenance Care had a one-up where they had more tools in the software. This software hits the point where you have an end user be able to submit a work order, and it allows you to be preventative as well as reactive. I have recommended Maintenance Care for people that are looking for a software solution."

Michael Bates
Environmental Service Manager, Riverview Home

"Setting [Maintenance Care] up was so simple. Everyone was very communicative, very helpful, very supportive. The whole training was so efficient and so well done, and they follow up. It was just very easy, very smooth. From my research, there isn't anything that can better this product."

Benita Watts
Director of Campus Operations, Sandler Family Campus

"The reason I like Maintenance Care, and I'd choose them hands down over anybody else, is that the month-to-month cost fee for it is reasonable and you can stop at any time if you felt like this isn't for you. The tracking of assets has been huge for us in that we can monitor costs in our equipment and project forward the replacement costs vs. repairs. It's been wonderful working with this team. They've solved so many problems of ours, and it's a pretty exciting program to work with."

Darrell Bennett
Facility Director, Haven Hill Retirement Centre