Our Story


From the ground up, we wanted to build a product and a company that's connected to its customers, always improving, and eager to try out new ways of doing maintenance. All our team members share one goal: making your, the user’s, professional life easier to manage and turning facility management from a mundane task into something fun, efficient, and practical. For that to happen, you need a software solution that empowers you and works for you – not vice versa. Our team's focus is to make that true.


Back in 2003, three tech-savvy enthusiasts came together to create a tool that would be used by hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world. The journey to the name Maintenance Care took about three years: the original one was myContactEngine. It didn’t last long got quickly changed to something easier to pronounce– mySuper. In 2006, on the third attempt, they got it right: Maintenance Care.  


Maintenance Care isn't just a company, and it isn't just a product. We understand that our CMMS is part of your daily life, and we cherish that relationship with you. We stay dedicated to making sure our relationship runs smoothly every day, and to us, that means constant care and attention. Our goal is to be reliable, useful, and hopefully creative enough to keep developing new products that empower you in your professional life. Here are the ones that can help you run the facility and make well-informed decisions:  

OneAccess. Our newest addition to the product family, this visitor management and screening tool allows for easy checking in and out of all visitors entering your facility. Different entry types for your team members, contractors, residents, and visitors will help you streamline the entry process and stay compliant with new regulations that cover temperature checks, health and safety questionnaires, etc. Learn more about OneAccess here.   

GetSensored. Fully integrated into our CMMS, this software helps users keep a closer eye on their facility's health with the use of wireless sensors. Measure air temperature and humidity levels in hallways, lobbies, and rooms, water temperature in pipes, boilers, and swimming pools, and more!  

Care Clean. Tailored specifically for tracking and scheduling of housekeeping teams, Care Clean is a must-have for Corporate Offices, Hotels, Senior Care facilities and every multi-room building that requires regular cleaning. Check out this page to learn more.  

So, for all of us here at Maintenance Care, it is important that you see our Computerized Maintenance Management Software as more than just another software. We want you to think of us as a reliable partner.  


It's essential for us to bring you the software that your team will utilize on a daily basis. We keep growing, evolving, and most importantly, learning from you what ideas or concepts might make your daily work easier. It all starts with a clear understanding of how you do your job every day. We'd like you to rely on us when it comes to overcoming the challenges you face on a daily basis, and that includes possible financial barriers you may have. That's why we always bring to you new features within our Maintenance Management Software at no extra cost. Your monthly rate is and will be the same no matter what features we add to your account. Keep an eye out for our regular Newsletter (you can subscribe below on this page) that talks about upcoming upgrades and new features you can start to use coming very soon.

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