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Keep your equipment running smoothly with a centralized system for submitting, assigning, tracking and completing maintenance tasks.

Why a CMMS in Manufacturing is so Important.

Recent research has shown that almost 40% of manufacturing companies are still using paper and calendars to maintain their facilities. Some 64% are still setting up calendar reminders and working off multiple tools to perform routine maintenance. These outdated protocols are preventing you from becoming more efficient. Now is the time to make the switch to a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). A CMMS is the perfect tool for any manufacturing company. You are able to create and assign work orders and preventive maintenance tasks to your team. Track progress on your maintenance tasks no matter where you're working for the day. Start saving your manufacturing facility time and money today with maintenance management software.

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Track All Maintenance Activities

Move beyond paper in your manufacturing maintenance operations with digital work order software for your maintenance team. Your team can request repairs quickly and efficiently. You'll get instant notifications, so you can respond and address issues efficiently.

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Asset Management at Your Fingertips

Track your assets to make sure all of your equipment is up to date and functioning properly. Your maintenance management software includes asset management for manufacturing plants so you can keep track of critical equipment and plan for future upgrades, repairs and replacements.

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Schedule Preventive Maintenance Tasks

Staying ahead of broken equipment is half the battle for manufacturing businesses. Using an in-depth preventive maintenance protocol will make sure your equipment is running optimally. You can then report on these projects within the manufacturing maintenance software.

How Maintenance Care Was Essential For a Large Manufacturing Company.

A thriving manufacturing company was struggling to keep up with the maintenance demands of their complex production lines. By implementing Maintenance Care CMMS, they transformed their maintenance operations. With work orders, inventory management, preventive maintenance and other facilities management features in one place, the manufacturing company maximized their manufacturing uptime, minimized disruptions and improved overall operational efficiency, leading to increased productivity among their maintenance team and improved profitability in the competitive manufacturing industry.

Maintenance Care For Manufacturing FAQ’s

Your guide to further understanding the importance of healthcare maintenance management.

Why do manufacturers need a computerized maintenance management system?

Manufacturing businesses have a high need for a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) as equipment performance directly impacts production. A CMMS helps streamline maintenance processes, ensuring equipment runs optimally to meet customer demands. By transitioning from manual forms to a digital system, such as a CMMS, work orders can be submitted and assigned easily. It facilitates efficient communication, task monitoring, and completion, allowing businesses to address maintenance issues promptly.

How can a CMMS benefit manufacturing businesses?

A CMMS is instrumental in maintaining a competitive edge for manufacturing businesses. By streamlining maintenance operations, businesses can address issues and make repairs promptly, ensuring uninterrupted production. Choosing a CMMS with a mobile app, like Maintenance Care, takes efficiency to the next level. The mobile app enables real-time progress tracking, regardless of location, empowering businesses with remote management capabilities.

What features does manufacturing maintenance software offer?

Manufacturing CMMS software, such as Maintenance Care, offers a range of features tailored to the industry's needs. These include:

  1. Quick and efficient maintenance schedules: Streamlined processes for creating, assigning and completing work orders.
  2. Task management: Clear task assignments to inform your maintenance team of responsibilities and deadlines.
  3. Preventative maintenance scheduling: Prescheduling routine maintenance and inspections to prevent equipment issues and optimize performance.
  4. Asset lifecycle tracking: Asset management software is built in for easy tracking of equipment wear and tear to help with capital planning.
  5. Dashboard reporting: Simplified tracking of project status and maintenance performance.
  6. Mobile app functionality: Stay on top of work orders, asset tracking and task management within the app version of your maintenance management software.
  7. Space Center document storage: Fast retrieval and team sharing of important documents.
  8. Vendor store: Easy access to vendors for project assistance at competitive rates.
  9. Wireless temperature sensors: Smart tracking of temperature-sensitive equipment.
  10. Alexa integration: Seamless integration with Alexa as a personal CMMS assistant.

How can a CMMS mobile app help with preventive maintenance?

A CMMS with a mobile app, like Maintenance Care, offers maintenance management significant advantages for manufacturing businesses with multiple locations and frequent travel requirements. The mobile app allows you to access and manage work orders, track assets, conduct preventive maintenance scheduling and monitor tasks from anywhere at any time. This feature enables remote management, ensuring efficient maintenance oversight and facilitating prompt decision-making, even when you're away from the manufacturing plant.


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