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Our free work order management system is real-life tested and facility management approved. The Free Forever work order software plan is a great introduction to the world of computerized maintenance management software. Create your account and get started today!

  • Go paperless and stay organized
  • Reduce costs and time with asset tracking
  • Easy dashboard reporting
  • Remote access with customizable features
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Work Order Request Form

Maintenance Care revolutionizes maintenance management with its digital work-order platform. It streamlines the process of submitting, assigning and tracking maintenance requests in a simple, powerful work order management system. Boost productivity, improve operational efficiency and access critical data at your fingertips. Start using Maintenance Care's Free Version for digital work order management. Upgrade at any time to explore all the benefits a CMMS has to offer, including preventive maintenance, inventory management and more!


Work Order Management

Your work orders are as individual as your facility. Use our customizable features to adapt your paperless work order management system to your needs. Allow others to submit work order requests directly to your task list using a unique online request form.


Your Digital Maintenance List

Manage all of your work orders in one convenient list with the Task List Manager, add notes and change the status as you complete them. As an option, you can receive email notifications any time someone submits a new work order to your task list so you never miss a new request.


Free Work Order Software

Maintenance Care's free work order software improves communication and collaboration throughout your facility, but it's just the beginning. Additional solutions are included when you upgrade to our full CMMS. Our affordable plans are tailored to your needs with no long-term contracts or price hikes!

Benefits of Full Featured Maintenance
Work Order Software.

Effective maintenance work order software is built upon a foundation of key capabilities, such as real-time updates, mobile accessibility, and integration with inventory management and asset management systems. These essential features not only streamline maintenance operations but also improve operational efficiency, ensuring that maintenance teams are always one step ahead.

While the basic objective of work order software systems is to assign, track, and record work orders, more advanced features like modern communication tools, asset management and reporting dashboards elevate the software's functionality, enabling teams to identify potential bottlenecks and make informed decisions based on data insights.

Illustration of a centralized solution for creating, assigning, and tracking facility management projects to streamline maintenance

Smart Work Order
Duplication Checker.

Cut down on duplicate tasks and save time! Our Smart Duplication Checker will warn a submitter of a Work Order if their request is similar to another request already submitted.

Digitizing your maintenance tasks and automating manual tasks, like checking for duplicates, is the key to:

  • Reducing paperwork
  • Minimizing human errors
  • Facilitating labor tracking
  • Boosting efficiency and productivity

Replacing manual, pen-and-paper methods with a digital solution, work order software simplifies task management and prevents any tasks from being overlooked.

Some benefits of using work order software include:

  • Tracking asset maintenance histories
  • Boosting productivity in your maintenance processes
  • Streamlining communication between maintenance teams
  • Improving efficiency and productivity
  • Reducing downtime and costly repairs
Illustration of essential features of effective work order software to optimize maintenance requests

Work order software is the tool that modern maintenance managers need to stay on top of their game.

On-the-Go Work Order Management Software
via Mobile Device.

Mobile accessibility is another essential feature of work order software, enabling field technicians to update work orders and access information on the go. This eliminates the need for traditional paperwork and enhances productivity, allowing maintenance managers to focus on more pressing tasks.

With access to work orders, service requests, and other vital information via mobile devices via the FREE iMCare app (included with your FREE FOREVER Maintenance Care plan), technicians can directly report their progress and receive real-time updates from their supervisors. This increases efficiency and ensures that maintenance tasks are completed in a timely manner, ultimately benefiting not just facility managers but your buildings' guests, patrons, visitors, and customers as well.

Illustration of transformed maintenance teams with work order management software

Task Assignment in Your
Work Order System.

Efficient task assignment and labor tracking in work order software can significantly boost productivity and resource utilization. By ensuring comprehensive and complete work order information, formally submitting requests, and assigning tasks to technicians with the appropriate expertise, work order software enhances the entire maintenance process.

Work order software effectively tracks labor by enabling organizations to:

  • Monitor pending service tasks on the online work order page
  • Maintain precise records of work orders with Notes History features
  • Generate work requests and assign them with automated task notifications
  • Track work orders across the business and receive task status updates art every step

This level of tracking and organization results in improved efficiency and reduced downtime, ultimately benefiting the entire equipment maintenance operation, including property management aspects.

work order software maintenance workers

Frequently Asked Questions

Work order management software is essential for keeping facilities well-managed, compliant with regulations, and in worker order. A computerized maintenance management system can streamline your preventive maintenance tasks and one-off requests, but free work order management software is a great introduction to digitizing your maintenance operations. Boost operational efficiency and better manage your maintenance teams with our Free Forever plan today!

What is a maintenance work order?

A maintenance work order is a formal request for maintenance and repair tasks, ensuring that facilities and equipment run efficiently and safely. It is critical for managing resources, tracking progress, and maintaining a history of completed tasks.

How will this organize my maintenance operations?

To organize your work orders, standardize and centralize data, schedule preventive maintenance and prioritize on-demand requests, and follow the framework of making both heavy and light work orders.

What is the main purpose of work order software?

Work order software provides an efficient way to manage repair and upkeep tasks, streamline maintenance operations and improve communication between teams.

What are the essential features of effective work order software?

Effective work order software features real-time updates, mobile accessibility, and integration with inventory management and asset management systems for efficient workflow tracking and streamlined maintenance requests.

How can work order software help with maintenance scheduling?

Work order software can help improve maintenance scheduling by optimizing task prioritization, resource allocation and setting up recurring appointments automatically.

What is work order software?

Work Order Software is a feature tied directly into your CMMS that allows you to manage incoming task requests. A part of your CMMS management system, you’ll be able to send and receive instant work orders and requests as well as streamline your daily maintenance activities. All documentation can then be stored in your CMMS for easy accessibility by the rest of the maintenance team.

What features does work order software include?

Work Order Software offers a variety of different features to help your team succeed. Capabilities include instant online request forms, mobile work order management, maintenance lists, instant notifications and email capabilities. Maintenance Care’s Work Order Software also includes a Duplicate Task Checker to ensure work orders only empty the system once.

How does work order software work?

Work order software capabilities are part of Maintenance Care’s larger CMMS software. It sends and receives instant online work order requests that detail everything your team needs to know about a particular task. It also allows your team to receive instant notifications as well as discover which tasks have been completed and which are pending all in one convenient place.

How will work order software help my team?

Work Order Software will simplify your team’s day to day activities. Employees will no longer be tied to a desktop computer and they won’t have to rely on manual forms to complete tasks. Best of all, team members will be more productive when they don’t have to waste time picking up, dropping off or cataloging manual orders.

What other benefits does work order software provide?

Because Work Order Software provides quick and easy access to all maintenance tasks and service requests – completed, pending, new and rejected - no task will go unnoticed. You’ll also be able to track all information surrounding each work request with the ability to email clients and send and receive texts. Everything you need is in one easy to navigate location to improve efficiency, speed up your day and receive notifications on the fly.

How much does work order software cost?

Maintenance Care’s Work Order Software is completely free. However, not all work order features are available with the free edition. To experience the full benefit of the software, we recommend trying our Work Order or Enterprise Editions. These editions give you a larger range of features to help you streamline and improve your maintenance department.


What Our Satisfied Clients
Are Saying.

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"The reason I like Maintenance Care, and I'd choose them hands down over anybody else, is that the month-to-month cost fee for it is reasonable and you can stop at any time if you felt like this isn't for you. The tracking of assets has been huge for us in that we can monitor costs in our equipment and project forward the replacement costs vs. repairs. It's been wonderful working with this team. They've solved so many problems of ours, and it's a pretty exciting program to work with."

Darrell Bennett
Facility Director, Haven Hill Retirement Centre

“We were using a very labor-intensive system that was combined with paper work orders. Maintenance Care had a one-up where they had more tools in the software. This software hits the point where you have an end user be able to submit a work order, and it allows you to be preventative as well as reactive. I have recommended Maintenance Care for people that are looking for a software solution."

Michael Bates
Environmental Service Manager, Riverview Home

"Setting [Maintenance Care] up was so simple. Everyone was very communicative, very helpful, very supportive. The whole training was so efficient and so well done, and they follow up. It was just very easy, very smooth. From my research, there isn't anything that can better this product."


Benita Watts
Director of Campus Operations, Sandler Family Campus

"The preventative maintenance program that's part of the software... you never miss another preventative maintenance. Your equipment lasts longer because it's taken care of. This program has changed my life, it has changed the way we do things daily."

Colleen Clementi
Director of Operations, Rygiel Supports for Community Living

"The ROI that we find being very beneficial with Maintenance Care, particularly from the general manager's perspective, is that if I find we're spending 100 hours on one HVAC system just to keep it limping along, I can go before my board and say, 'It's time to replace this one.' Maintenance Care has been, by far, the most practical from a user's perspective and by far the most customer friendly."

Mike Huber
General Manager/COO, Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center

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