Case Study

    Making Sense With Sensors

    A skilled nursing facility, Silver Bluff Village needs to keep their buildings operating at a high standard. One requirement? A wet sprinkler system — with water always sitting in the pipes ready to go for the safety of the residents.

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    The problem? Even with plenty of insulation, cold weather would periodically cause burst sprinkler heads and pipes. This would do serious damage to the facilities and disrupt resident care. When your business performs such delicate functions as providing a safe, healthy, and comfortable life for its residents, you need a system in place that delivers the highest possible service. 

    The Solution: Maintenance Care's Sensor System

    Silver Bluff Village turned to Maintenance Care for a sensor-based solution that allowed them to act fast when the temperatures dropped.

    Installing wireless temperature sensors, their maintenance department could access the data and act fast when these seasonal cold spots threatened the pipes. With dates and times, they were able to use their attic heaters to adjust to keep the pipes operating properly as needed.

    How Get Sensored Works

    Available as a stand-alone product or as an integration with Maintenance Care’s full Computerized Maintenance Management Software, Get Sensored puts a set of wireless sensors wherever you need to keep tabs on temperature.

    They’re plug-n-play and able to get readings for any part of your facility, such as:

    • Surface temperature monitoring
    • Submersible monitoring
    • Environmental temperature monitoring
    • Ambient room humidity monitoring


    All readings are logged and saved in your centralized CMMS web interface, giving you temperature trends for each sensor point. Graph the results or export to Excel for more insight.

    Best of all? Get instant notification when temperatures rise or fall beyond expected levels allowing for rapid action to address the issue.

    And it’s not just about preventing burst pipes.

    Keeping Things Cool (or Warm!)

    One critical regulatory and comfort issue in Silver Bluff Village’s suite of residences is, of course, the temperature. Few things will bring down spirits so broadly as buildings that are too hot or too cold.

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    But with a large number of buildings to maintain, it can be difficult to manage this centrally. With Maintenance Care’s sensors, however, ongoing readings mapped to days and times allow them unprecedented power over knowing when and where to adjust thermostats to prevent fluctuations — giving a boost to energy efficiency too!

    Similarly, maintaining a consistent temperature across freezers, refrigerators, and coolers is also vital. With Maintenance Care’s sensors here too, Silver Bluff Village knows it can meet health department standards for safety and storage (and again, minimize temperature disruptions and increase energy efficiency by noting days and times when conditions changed).

    Discovering Opportunity

    “As we began to use the system, more ideas emerged on ways to utilize it's flexibility. We love the program and the sensors! Our business spends a considerable amount of money on technology — none better spent than this. It is a real value based on the benefits we derive from using it.” - Bob Leatherwood, CFO of Silver Bluff Village

    Using Maintenance Care, not only was Silver Bluff Village able to take control of their temperatures with the sensor service and their general maintenance work order management, they were also able to react to the proliferation of technology in the healthcare workplace by logging IT issues as maintenance requests tracked by staff and consultants.

    And further to that, they were also able to fulfill new regulatory requirements involving documenting and tracking complaints from residents, families and staff. This process is now systematized, producing a reliable record of identifying and following up on concerns.

    Winning Over the Maintenance Team

    Originally, Silver Bluff’s maintenance staff was (understandably) a little nervous about the new CMMS system. They worried about the increased scrutiny and accountability they saw coming with it.

    But after giving it a chance and some time, they’re now as bought into it as the Silver Bluff Village leadership team — because the benefits were plain to see. They now have a record of all the work they do to keep things running and have validation and justification for choosing which tasks to perform, when, and based on which priorities.

    That’s what Maintenance Care is all about: empowering residents, maintenance professionals, and management to enjoy a higher standard of maintenance through powerful data management.

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