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An effective Preventive Maintenance Software will help guide you through the process of what it is you or your team need to accomplish. Any Equipment Management Software that provides you with the functionality to incorporate scheduling for maintenance on your equipment in order to extend the life of each asset, should also suggest to you what it is you should do to get there. Start by downloading our Top 40 Preventive Maintenance items that each facility should do, but don't stop there. By signing up with Maintenance Care, you will get access to all of the suggested maintenance items that you can easily manage through our CMMS Software.

1 Easy Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Plan your entire workload and improve building efficiencies using preventive maintenance software. Review ongoing task scheduling routines and make changes easily to minimize unproductive time. Our interface is flexible and provides you with the ability to change task frequency, time of day and assignment responsibilities quickly and easily.

Manage your team quickly and efficiently.

You will use this feature once a week.
Frequency of Use75%
Ease of Use85%
Return on Investment90%

Quickly isolate those preventive tasks that require special attention allowing you to easily create a comprehensive report to maintain facility standards for compliance regulators or government inspectors. Using equipment maintenance software will help you get organized by scheduling those inspections determined to be most important to your organization.

Be in compliance at all times and prevent surprises.

You will use this feature every quarter.
Frequency of Use40%
Ease of Use50%
Return on Investment92%

2 Stay in Compliance

3 Simple Task Assignment

Task scheduling is greatly improved when it can be automatically assigned to one of your maintenance team members using a facility maintenance software. Pre-determine task assignment to those with related skillset to improve overall efficiency. Accountability and results are sure to follow.

Create accountability for Preventive Maintenance tasks and improve efficiency.

You will use this feature every day.
Frequency of Use85%
Ease of Use92%
Return on Investment50%

Automatically include special files or documents to any preventive maintenance task for easy access. Include MSDS forms, training PDFs, safety documentation and instructional videos to upload in the maintenance management software and link them to a PM task for your maintenance team.

Provide quick access to training and reference material.

You will use this feature a few times per week.
Frequency of Use50%
Ease of Use80%
Return on Investment80%

4 Attach Fillable Forms

Top 40 Preventative Maintenance Tasks Checklist

Our most popular resources ever! The interactive preventative maintenance checklist will make PM scheduling a breeze.

Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance Software

We Are A Rock Star Team, Energetic And Full Of Enthusiasm, Dedicated To Making Sure Your Maintenance Management Software Experience Is Just Right.

Effective Team

Planning your workload to improve building efficiencies automatically through sound scheduling allows your team to stay productive, make changes easily and minimize unproductive time.

Healthy Facility

Keeping up with a regular schedule of preventative maintenance tasks will ensure that you facility remains in great working condition and provide a better environment for everyone.

Less Reactive

Issues that come up randomly on a daily basis slows down your team as they need to investigate the issue before fixing it, while scheduling tasks allows for planning to be done initially.

Huge Cost Savings

Whenever your team can become more efficient, you are bound to see some extensive cost savings in the day to day operations of your building without reducing the effectiveness of your team.

Building Maintenance – It’s a Health Care Essential

Ignoring Building Maintenance as part of Health and Safety Measures in Health Care Facilities is like installing an alarm system and then removing all the doors. Be smart and get full protection.

Why You Need Preventive Maintenance Software

Why does an effective Maintenance Management Software need to provide a module for Preventive Maintenance.

We all know the benefits of preventive maintenance and how it forms the very backbone of the facility maintenance software. In simple terms, preventive maintenance attempts to prevent or limit potential future issues or breakdowns by carrying out simpler, less involved tasks - today. By eliminating system failures or breakdowns, costs of replacement or emergency repairs can be reduced offering an effective method of managing maintenance in your facility.

1. Better Overall Appearance
It's obvious that when you wash your car, it looks nicer. I know what you're thinking, looks aren't everything, but by maintaining a better overall appearance of your equipment, you can easily notice when your equipment is having some kind of a problem. If an oil leak occurs and sprays over an already dirty generator, you might not notice the difference. Whereas, if you have been keeping a clean surface on your machinery, the problem will be noticed fairly quickly without longer term, more serious issues occurring.

2. Less Equipment Failure
Equipment failure can be disastrous to the workings of a system in certain cases. Imagine a boiler failing to properly heat the necessary water in a large hotel, or in a nursing home's laundry room. Back ups are often put in place, but most times, back ups are temporary, less efficient models of their masters. Delays, added costs and added stress will play havoc on your ability to manage an effective schedule of maintenance. Everything else will suffer because one equipment failed at the wrong time.

3. Increased Safety
Nothing is more serious than the safety of your tenants or visitors. As far as we are concerned, safety should fall to the number one reason why you should have an effective preventive maintenance plan for your facility. Doing those simple walk-arounds, inspecting the fire prevention equipment, making sure exit lights are working are all part of a routine safety plan that each facility should enforce strictly. As well, maintaining proper equipment can also lead to a safer workplace for your employees as they handle reliable machinery that is inspected and maintained periodically.

4. Cost Reductions from Emergency Repairs
On a business level, preventive maintenance will help your bottom line in so many ways. If you practice regular scheduled maintenance, emergency repairs will play a major role in creating a shortfall in your budget planning. Imagine trying to get a contractor to come into your facility to fix a piece of equipment in the middle of the night, it could end up costing you double time. Or, not having a contingency plan in place for equipment breakdowns may cause you to have to rent temporary equipment at three times the cost because of the short notice. Plus, you might need to bring in extra help for your maintenance team, so that they can deal with the problem at hand, not accounting for potential overtime it may cost you for keeping them at work longer and getting the job done. Not all emergencies can be avoided, but you can definitely put the odds back in your favour by conducting regular preventive maintenance.

5. Increased Utilization
The number one, most expensive, cost for maintaining a facility outside of labor is equipment replacement. The key to a good preventive maintenance plan is to minimize the amount of times you will need to replace equipment within the lifespan of the facility. An HVAC unit being replaced every 15 years as opposed to every 10 years, will save your facility thousands of dollars. Increasing the cycle of equipment replacement with routine maintenance is a return on investment that is sure to bring you savings.

Preventative Maintenance: How To Establish An Effective Program

Preventative maintenance is not only important to the longevity of your equipment and building areas, it also has a number of benefits that most people aren't aware of.

Young engineer using touchpad while working at CNC machine in a factory.

Preventative Maintenance: A Day In A Maintenance Technician’s Life

It takes a proactive maintenance technician to not only get the work done, but keep your facility running smoothly.

Emergencies Happen And CMMS With Preventative Measures Will Help

Being prepared for emergencies is part of what a maintenance supervisor encounters. While some facilities may never see a major emergency, others deal with it on a regular basis.

Common Issues With Preventative Maintenance Plans

Preventative Maintenance is a must have in any type of facility. However, sometimes the best laid plans have issues. Here are a few common problems and how to approach them.

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