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Preventative Maintenance Checklist

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
—Benjamin Franklin

  • Organize your PM tasks
  • Extend asset life, safety and productivity
  • Categorized tasks for efficient resource allocation
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preventative maintenance checklist
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PM Tasks for Every Facility

Preventive maintenance is the cornerstone that ensures your facilities run smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively. By proactively planning for and addressing issues before they become expensive and disruptive problems, you not only extend the lifespan of your assets but also create a safer, more productive environment for your occupants.

Simplifying Preventive Maintenance

Learn how scheduling your PM tasks in a computerized maintenance management system streamlines your workload and keeps your maintenance team organized. Discover the value of using a checklist to stay on top of maintenance projects, ensuring nothing important is forgotten!
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Diversifying Preventive Maintenance Tasks

Efficiently manage a wide array of maintenance tasks by understanding their diversity. Explore a checklist organized into monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual categories to ensure a systematic approach that prevents crucial tasks from being overlooked and optimizes resource allocation.
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Optimizing Preventive Maintenance

Unlock the power of a systematic approach to maintenance by allocating resources efficiently. Learn how the checklist's four key categories (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks) help distribute maintenance efforts over time, extending asset lifespans and preventing tasks from being missed.

Extending Asset Lifespans and Workload Distribution

Use this Preventive Maintenance Checklist every year to plan your maintenance activities in time increments that will distribute your workload and extend assets’ lifespans. By following Maintenance Care’s recommended PM schedule, you'll not only save time and money, but also create a well-maintained environment for all those who rely on your facilities. Keep this checklist on hand and easily accessible by your entire team by easily uploading it to your Maintenance Care CMMS.

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