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     Fully Wireless

     Plug n' Plan Sensors

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Plug and Play Sensors

Using small, frequency-based wireless temperature sensors, you will be able to get readings for any parts of your facility no matter how remote. Get a Starter Kit that include a various number of sensor types including surface, submersible and environmental temperature monitoring as well as ambiant room humidity.

Monitor Online

All readings from the various wireless sensors across your facility are logged and saved into Get Sensored's web interface for easy access. Look up temperature trends for each sensor point, graph them or simply export them all to excel for further manipulation. Never be caught unaware ever again by failing systems.

Instant Notifications

In part, the reason it is important for you to monitor temperature readings automatically is that you may be made aware as soon as possible if there are any problems. Since Get Sensored employs the same process as Maintenance Care for notifications, you can choose to receive emails or text alerts for reading above or below temperature thresholds.

Integrated with Maintenance Care

Get Sensored is a stand alone product and does not require a Maintenance Care membership. You can, however, chose to use both within one sign in account since we have built Get Sensored to seamlessly integrate within your Maintenance Care account. The look and feel is the same, and the navigation fits just right inside what you are already accustomed to without having to relearn anything new.

Get Sensored Website

You can access more information in regards to Get Sensored by visiting the official website at or call Maintenance Care directly to speak to a sales representative. Get Sensored can be used with or without automated wireless sensors and can deliver seamless integration with Maintenance Care.

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Visual dashboards to view results
Beautiful dashboard reports highlight your sensor readings in a quick view summary.
By accessing the reporting section of the interface, you can select to view your data in multiple formats including thermometer style graphs or interactive line graphs that zoom in and out based on your mouse movements. No matter how you choose to read the results, the process will be simple and most of all accurate.