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What Will Virtual Reality Maintenance Mean to You?

Virtual 3D Spaces are more than 3D models or virtual tours. They're a completely new form of immersive 3D media that invites you to explore a place as if you were really there. With this new feature we can create interactive 3D and VR experiences and tie them directly into your Maintenance Care asset database to provide you with an immediate visual of your equipment list within your facility.

Revolutionizing Asset Management

Take your asset management to the next level by working in a fully immersive 3D virtual space where each piece of equipment is tagged and linked to its Maintenance Care profile.

Getting the Full Picture

Take advantage of smart maintenance and upgrade your facility management capabilities with a comprehensive 3D rendering of your entire facility.

Modernizing Marketing

Capture a full Virtual Tour of all the main rooms in your facility to showcase on your website, drive interest, and increase occupancy.

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See It For Yourself

Wondering what virtual facility maintenance looks like in real time? We’ve set up a live example inside a typical mechanical room for you to test out. Jump in and click around to see what it feels like to see your asset list in full 3D – as if you were really there. Click the image to try it out for yourself.

Ready to Jump Into Virtual Maintenance?

If you think your team could benefit from virtual reality for facility maintenance, let us know you’re interested at the button below and a specialist from Maintenance Care will reach out with details on how you can get started with 3D VR. Remember:

  • Most of our packages are only available to Enterprise level users who have the Asset Management capability
  • You can upgrade to Enterprise or join Maintenance Care at the bottom of this page.

About the Virtual Space Packages

With our new virtual reality maintenance app, you can move your facility maintenance management to the modern age (and beyond). We offer three unique VR packages and one add-on package, which you can read more about below. Most of these packages are available only to our Enterprise level users, who have access to Asset Management software. If you are a Free or Work Order user, or if you are new here, you can upgrade to access the packages today.


Available to Everyone

Includes a full 3D VR rendering of:
  • Main Lobby
  • Library
  • Dining Room
  • Suites
  • Other Rooms of Interest
Each room gets its own link that you can promote on your website to increase interest and increase occupancy.

** Most Popular **


Available to Enterprise Edition Users Only

Includes a full VR rendering of all your Critical Systems including:
  • Mechanical Room
  • Elevator Rooms
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen
  • Boiler Room
Each asset will be tagged and linked to its profile in Maintenance Care so you always know which piece of equipment you are referring to when managing it.


Available to Enterprise Edition Users Only

The most comprehensive package includes:

  • A full 3D VR rendering of your entire building.
  • Every Room and Level Captured.
  • Allows you to add a 2-D map of your building with measurements and editable AutoCad file.


Available to Enterprise Edition Users Only

While we are on site, you can have our specialized team capture all the assets in your building so that you can have them easily uploaded into Maintenance Care. We capture:
  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial Numbers
  • Coding Structure that will allow you to manage your equipment for years to come.
Each room gets its own link that you can promote on your website to increase interest and increase occupancy.

Using Virtual Maintenance in Your Facility

3D Virtual Space is Ideal for Senior Living

Virtual reality maintenance is an excellent choice for senior living facilities. With so much ongoing maintenance happening every day, having an immersive picture of your asset list through our critical systems package will streamline your maintenance management. The Marketing package will allow you to attract and impress potential residents.

Smart Maintenance Works Great in the Hospitality Industry

When you’re managing maintenance at a hotel, there are a lot of spaces and assets to take care of. With the Critical System and Entire Building packages, you can get the full picture of all of your assets for easier locating and tracking. The Marketing package will make showcasing your hotel and attracting visitors a breeze.

Virtual Facility Maintenance Rules in Schools

The benefits of having a virtual reality maintenance app for your educational institution’s maintenance team are plentiful. With a full 3D mapping camera, you can get the 360 view of your school you need to keep everything safe and organized.

Attention, New Constructions!

Are you in the process of building a new facility? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of our Entire Building package. You can get your building scanned before the drywall or sheetrock goes up: your 3D VR rendering will give you a lifetime of behind-the-wall knowledge about where electrical circuits run, and where plumbing or HVAC vents are hidden. Having this 3D mapping camera brings huge value to your newly built property – and will help you with potential compliance, contractor, and insurance issues.

Upgrade to Access Your 3D Virtual Space

To access most of our virtual facility maintenance packages, you must already be using our Asset Management software, which means you must be an Enterprise edition user. If you are using our Free or Work Order editions (or if you don’t have a CMMS yet) you’ll need to upgrade to get access. Don’t worry – upgrading is easy and it costs less than you think. Plus, once you lock in a price for Enterprise, it won’t go up, no matter how many more features we add.