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Free Edition

No Credit Card Required
Always Free
  • Instant Access
  • User Guide Support
  • Online Work Order Page
  • Basic Task List Manager
  • Basic Reporting
  • Always Free
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Work Order Edition

Free Mobile App
Unlimited Users -
  • Advanced Work Order Features
  • Customer Support Included
  • Multi Facility Available
  • Advanced Work Order Page
  • Advanced Task List Manager
  • Task Assignment
  • Priority Settings
  • Task Duration
  • Document Management
  • Vendor/Contractor Assignment
  • Mobile App
  • Reporting

Enterprise Edition

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All of Work Order Edition plus:
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Asset Management Tracking
  • Part & Inventory
  • Advanced Reporting & Dashboards
  • Cost of Repair Tracking
  • Custom Fillable Forms
  • Asset Bar Code Scanning
  • Capital Planning & Life Expectancy
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Preventive Maintenance Library
  • Project Management
  • Custom Database Fields

*based on yearly payment

What Does A CMMS Cost?

The price can be anywhere from totally free to a few hundred dollars per month. But, the cost of a CMMS is dependent on the features included in it. The savings businesses see from investing in a CMMS are often significantly more than what is spent.

What Is A Free CMMS?

A free CMMS is free-to-use maintenance management software that allows a facility to track and manage work orders and tasks. The software also offers basic reporting capabilities and user support. More features can be accessed by upgrading to a paid CMMS.

What Is Maintenance Tracking?

Maintenance Tracking is the tracking, management, and organization of maintenance work orders and tasks. Facilities do this in order to analyze their maintenance department’s efficiency and effectiveness. Many facilities use a CMMS as a helpful maintenance tracking tool

What Is Preventative Maintenance Software?

Preventative Maintenance Software allows facilities to schedule and track regular maintenance and inspections on equipment and assets. The use of this software can help prevent unexpected asset failure/breakdown and extend the life expectancy of equipment.

What Does It Cost?

Preventative Maintenance Software can cost a few hundred dollars or more per month as part of a full CMMS. The price can vary depending on facility size and which other features are included. The preventative maintenance feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition software.

What Is The ROI On A CMMS?

The productivity hours a facility can gain by investing in a CMMS can lead to a bottom-line ROI of up to $52,000. A CMMS also improves ROI by helping facilities get up to 500% more usage from their equipment. Insurance rate increases can also be avoided because the software allows identify and eliminate safety hazards faster.

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Features Free Edition Work Order Edition Enterprise Edition
$0 $75/mth Call US Now!
Online Work Order Page
Automated Task Notifications
Basic Task List Manager
Task Status Updates
Unlimited Task Types
Notes History
Easy to Search Filter
Basic Reporting
Customizable Request Page
Reporting & Dashboards
Unlimited Users
Multi-Facilities Available
Mobile App Access (unlimited users)
Customer Support
Advanced Work Orders
Areas (allows for multi-facilities)
Notification by Task Type
Task Assignment
Task Priority Settings
Task Duration Monitoring
Audit Logs
Document Management
Vendor Management
Smart Work Order Duplication Checker
Internal Email Client
Preventive Maintenance
PM Library
Asset Database List
Asset Expense Tracking
Asset Forecasting
Asset Depreciation
Parts & Inventory
Housekeeping Module
Fleet Management
Customized Reporting
Capital Planning
Custom Fillable Forms
Transaction and Expenses
Warranty & Life Expectancy
Asset Barcode Scanning
Capital Planning
Extra Document Space Storage
Project Management
Temperature Sensor Integration
All Future Upgrades

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