Our Story

A Rock Star Team
Who Creates Awesome Software For You

Our team is smart, fun and good looking.... well, we like to think so. From the ground up, we wanted to build a product and a company that was vibrant, connected to its customers and always improving. We feel like we've been trying to bring sexy-back to maintenance to a level not seen since Duane Schneider jingled his keys on television. We aim at making your experience fun and practical. You need something that works for you, not something that you work at, and our team is focused at making that happen.

Where Did Maintenance Care Come From?

Our beloved software saw its first baby steps back in the year 1848 when the great Lord Kelvin discovered absolute zero...thus without zeros and ones, our software wouldn't exist. Many years later, in the year 2003, three individuals came together to create a tool that would be used by hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world, known as myContactEngine...yes, that was our embarrassingly awkward first name. Luckily, a critical person (who shall remain nameless) saw fit to course correct these three individual's efforts and suggest a new name, mySuper! That didn't stick either, so by 2006, another name change was needed and this time they got it right, and so was born Maintenance Care. The now famous CMMS System, Maintenance Care, remained the name until 2058 once A.I. took over the world and surviving people of earth now refers to it as Skynet, but that's another story.

How We're Different

Maintenance Care isn't just a company and it isn't just a product. We understand that our CMMS Software is part of your daily life, and we cherish that relationship with you. Like a 75 year long married couple, we stay dedicated at making sure our relationship runs smoothly everyday and to us, that means constant care and attention. Our goal is to be reliable, useful and hopefully creative enough to keep you connected to us for years to come. So for all of us here at Maintenance Care, it is important that you see our Computerized Maintenance Management Software as more than just another software, we want you to think of us as a great friend you can rely on and that is our promise to you. Our open door policy means you can speak to virtually anyone in our company whenever you need it, that includes our Chief Technology Officer and President, CEO.

Step Into the Future With Us

Get ready for a fun and exciting future with Maintenance Care because we have a bazillion ideas that we want to bring to you for your team to utilize on a daily basis. We aren't kidding, we are bursting at the seams for all of the concepts that we are confident will continue to make your daily work easier. It all starts with a clear understanding of how you do your job everyday. We'd like to think that we are plugged-in to the obstacles you face on a daily basis, and that includes possible financial barriers you may have within your environment. That's why we always bring to you new features within our Maintenance Management Software at no extra cost. Your monthly rate is and will be your monthly rate no matter what features we add to your account. That's something you can take to the bank! Keep an eye out for our regular eNewsletter that talks about upcoming upgrades and new features you can start to use coming very soon.

Want To Join The Team?

Check out our current career opportunities and let us know that you’re interested in becoming one of us!