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Our beautifully designed dashboards provide you with a quick and easy to interpret overview of all your systems. Pie charts and bar graphs make it an addictive daily reminder of how well your facility and your team is running. Modify and customized your dashboard to your liking and easily print any graphs for distribution.

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Great looking charts and graphs as an overview.


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Detailed Lists

Run endless reports on various components within your facility including staff performance, facility trending, asset expenses and much more. Determine your result preferences by selecting your report to have a simple overview or for those longer analysis trending use the very detailed lists. You can then export the reports to PDF or Excel.

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Useful detailed reports as per your preference.


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Data Export

All of the information that you enter inside of your Maintenance Care account is easily exportable at any time, for your convenience. Use the export wizard to back up all of your data from various reports in .csv formats. You can also use the export feature for integrations with your own accounting or other software package.

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Export any of your information in .csv format.


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Robust Databases

Our mySQL databases are built for maximum efficiency. Our focus was to create an infrastructure that reflected our goals to provide customizability for flexible reporting as well as delivering a quick responsive software. Special attention is also focused at securing your data so that it is there when you need it.

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We value the most important part of the software.


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Using low cost wireless sensors, you can capture temperature readings for specific points of interests within your facility. Set minimum and maximum levels to ensure performance. → read more

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Work Requests

Keeping things easily accessible allows you to manage all of your tasks without having to search around for lost items. Quickly access all of your information in one convenient, well displayed list. → read more

maintenance software

Space Center

Keep all of your documentation in relation to your facility in one, easy to access location. We make sure that your schematics, training documents or other related files are safe and secure. → read more