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Maximize Return On Investment Using an Asset Tracking System

Predicting asset performance can help save your organization thousands of dollars every year. Utilizing the power of an effective Asset Maintenance Management Software can provide your team with the proper tools to keep everything organized. An Asset Tracking System has many benefits, including keeping up with a variety of important data such as the date the asset was acquired, the cost of the asset the make and model, warranty expiration date and more. But nothing is more important than the ability to use real data of repair history to help you in your management and capital planning expenditures for years to come. A good Asset Management system will bring significan ROI - Return on Investment - to your organization in so many ways.

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Benefits of Asset Tracking Software

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Asset Tracking List

Using our Asset Tracking System you can keep all of your asset details in one convenient location. Maintain records on all essential assets including make, model, serial number and much more. Profile your equipment and access each item's information using our mobile app for your convenience.

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Convenient, easy to access details for all your equipment.


You will use this feature a couple of times a week.

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Equipment Life Expectancy

Predicting asset performance can help save your organization thousands of dollars every year. Asset Maintenance Maintenance Software can help trend the life expectancy of assets and allow for effective evaluation of spending practices. Determine which equipment needs replacing easily.

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Predicting asset usefulness will help reduce mid-year surprises.


You will use this feature a couple of times per month.

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Capital Planning

Forecasting and budgeting for asset replacement can eliminate unnecessary repair expenditures and reduce possible downtime for those key pieces of equipment within your facility. Utilizing an Asset Management System for the yearly review of assets can help determine which need to be replaced in order to streamline your spending budget.

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Planning for replacement will reduce overall costs.


You will use this feature a couple of times per year.

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Asset Repair History

The ability to easily capture and access repair transaction history on any piece of equipment can allow you to determine if an asset is still worth its value. The advantage of using an Asset Maintenance Management Software can create a sustainable daily process that will accurately profile the performance of your assets.

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Tracking itemized expenses for each asset is easy.


You will use this feature a few times per week.

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More great things about Maintenance Care

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Space Center

Keep all of your documentation in relation to your facility in one, easy to access location. We make sure that your schematics, training documents or other related files are safe and secure. → read more

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Using low cost wireless sensors, you can capture temperature readings for specific points of interests within your facility. Set minimum and maximum levels to ensure performance. → read more

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Mobile App

The iMCare App allows your maintenance team to carry their task list with them all day long. Manage tasks, receive notifications and lookup assets all from your mobile device of choice. → read more

Asset Tracking Software Is Perfect for these Industries

Golf Courses

Utilizing an effective Asset Management System to manage a golf course can be a necessity. Often, Golf Courses need to manage the upkeep of maintenance equipment such as lawn mowers and tractors, not to mention keeping a classy club house and restaurant.

Manufacturing Plants

Large or small manufacturing plants or warehouses are in need of some serious constant preventive maintenance on their equipment. It is imperative that a good Asset Maintenance Management Software be utilized in order to maximize production and minimize downtime.

Small Businesses

No matter the type of business you manage, an easy to use Asset Management Sytem is needed if you have any equipment that is key to the function of your day to day operation. Having a clear inventory of all your equipment allows you to be consistent in delivering your services.

You Will Love Maintenance Care

Maintenance Care is serious about providing an effective Asset Maintenance Management Software for your operation. In addition to tracking the profile of all of the Assets in your facility with information such as make, model and serial numbers, our Asset Management System will provide you with the ability to quickly add equipment repair history. Utilize the power of our Asset Tracking System to add Barcodes to all of your equipment. Scanning the barcode right from our mobile app, will bring up all of your asset history and give you the ability to add more. Once you get started with Maintenance Care, will not be able to live without it!