Case Study

    An A+ For Adaptability

    All maintenance software isn’t equal, and the clients of a California based consulting firm had to learn that lesson the hard way. Their maintenance expenses were literally through the roof (and other parts of the building). 

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    The operators realized that something had to be done. Reaching out to Shayne Hale Consulting LLC, the reason quickly became clear. For years, facility management had relied on an IT focused software solution that just couldn’t live up to the complex reporting and tracking needed for their purposes. The consulting firm recommended – you guessed it – Maintenance Care.  

    Back to School

    In the past, Shayne Hale Consulting had already helped some of their clients by suggesting Maintenance Care's CMMS solutions to get a grip on their facility and asset management – with great success. The initial implementation began in fall 2017 and has since helped the maintenance team accomplish impressive results in three areas: 

    Keeping Track of Tasks and Progress in the Maintenance Department

    One of the biggest gaps in this area was the lack of overview. With the data from Maintenance Care's CMMS, the maintenance team could finally get a complete overview of tasks, building status, and maintenance progress. They could also use it to prove to administration the need for repairs or replacements. As a bonus, the experience for students and teachers improved too: minor repairs and housekeeping tasks (e.g. lightbulbs and cleaningcould be addressed faster. 


    Huge Savings Through Preventative Maintenance

    What happens when you don’t service a buildings gutters for a decade? In this case, the result was a horrendous bill of 200.000 dollars for repair and replacementsLearning from this event, the school added a quarterly gutter maintenance task to the PM list on their CMMS. The program automatically informs maintenance staff of the upcoming event. Now that’s a cheap and easy fix.

    Keeping Track of Assets

    As most Facility Managers at schools don’t have appropriate software support, asset management and warranty tracking often falls short. Maintenance Care's custom software covers both pain points: the school’s facility team was able to keep track of building appliances (heaters, boilers, A/C, etc.). When the machines were nearing the end of their useful life, the team could make a convincing argument to the operator to invest in new, energy-saving technology that will save the school money and repair costs for years to come.  

    Quality That Keeps On Giving

    For the school operators, the implemented solution of using Maintenance Care's CMMS was so convincing that thehave implemented it in two more of their school facilities since. This decision was based on: 

    • Full overview of facility and asset status 
    • Task tracking and resulting ability to identify costly recurring problems 
    • ROI value: the information and associated cost savings are an immense positive influence on their budget 
    • User-friendliness and simple interface


    The last point was especially important because not everyone on staff is a 'digital native.' Here's what Shayne Hale has to say about Maintenance Care's CMMS:

    “Having used various CMMS systems throughout my years of Facility Management, I have found Maintenance Care to be packed with everything you need but still simple enough to be used in everyday life. Even my workers that are less "computer savvy"  we are able to enter requests, close requests and make assignments. I've rolled out Maintenance Care to [this school] and they were impressed by the simple interface and ease of use.“  – Shayne Hale, Building Consultant


    Learning Outcomes

    After several years of having worked with Maintenance Care in three different locations, all sides involved – facility management, administration, students, and educators – have benefited from increased transparency, report features, and a better maintained building. The transcript for Maintenance Care  says: A+ for Adaptability and making maintenance as easy as ABC. 

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