Comprehensive CMMS Software Training & Implementation


From the signing of an agreement to the final training, we take the implementation and onboarding phase very seriously to ensure that you get the most out of your software. Our credo: the first three weeks are crucial to get proper training and solidify a habit of using your new digital helper. Let's get the most out of it!

Our service team will be in close contact and walk you through everything you need to know about the system and support you with best practice tips. During the training sessions, you can explore the interface, ask questions, and find the most useful tasks for your facility management routine. Here's what to expect:

Membership Agreement is Signed
Day 1
Discovery Call
Initial Set Up Questionnaire Completed
Day 2-3
Database Set Up Security Testing Preventive Maintenance Schedule Added Master User Created
Day 3-5
Training focused on your goals
Day 5-7
Mobile App Install Request Link Install Kiosk / Tablet Install
Day 7-10
Go Live
Work Orders Initiated PMs unPaused
Day 10
Follow Up
Review session to enhance current workflow and set up future goals
Day 20

Your "Training & Onboarding Routine"

Explore Your New CMMS – together with our implementation experts

Congratulations! You and your team are all set and ready to dive deep into the functionalities of Maintenance Care. This is your 5 steps training plan where you will learn everything CMMS, custom tailored to your needs. From general info and basics, we walk you through advanced functions and let you explore the software package for yourself. You'll graduate a CMMS pro!

Five Easy Steps

Discovery Call
Your pre-assigned training coach will conduct a quick call with you to set your timelines.
Facility Set Up glitch
Based on the information collected in the discovery call, we do all the work to set uo your location.
Training Day
Now that your account is ready, your team sits down to a dedicated training session with your coach.
Follow Ups
1 week, 2 weeks, or 2 months later, your training coach stay in contact and offers follow up sessions.
You are now an expert in Maintenance Care and can contact our support team when needed.


Simple And To The Point

We Take Care Of Everything

Our goal is to take you through a training process that focuses on those tasks that you will be needing on a daily basis. Effective training gets you up and running quickly.

Become An Expert

We WilL Teach You Everything

For those of you who are more advanced users, we can customize a training process that will make you an expert. The sky is the limit on how much you want to learn about Maintenance Care.

Web And Mobile Interface

No Matter What Tools You Use

The training process for your team includes the full scope of features from within the desktop web interface as well as all of the functionality of using the mobile app no matter the device.

In Depth Web Training

Comprehensive and Easy

Our dedicated product specialist will help your entire team get set up through our online web training process. A low pressure way of getting everyone on the same page easily.

Initial Data Entry

We Do All The Work

As part of the implementation process, our data entry team will make sure you are all set up with you choice of preventive maintenance schedule, even if all you have is a binder.

Ongoing Customer Support

We Will Always Be There

As part of your implementation and training, ongoing customer service help is included for as long as you stay a customer. Ongoing support guarantees you peace of mind at all times.