Education Maintenance Has Just Gotten Easier With CMMS For Schools

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Maintain a Functional School Environment with CMMS

Between repairing broken equipment, fixtures, windows, doors, and any other items hundreds of students touch every day, your to do list can become unruly fast. Trying to manage preventative repairs can be forgotten or delayed to the point that equipment falls in to disarray. Issues like these make it crystal clear that schools that need school facility management software. A school CMMS can help your maintenance team track work orders, start preventative maintenance programs, develop asset tracking, track progress, and report on progress. Students, teachers, and administrative staff need a functional environment to succeed; school management software can help them be the best leaders for our youth.

Faster Classroom Maintenance

With hundreds of students coming and going every hour, school maintenance workers are inundated with classroom repairs. Managing work orders and repair requests and progress is crucial to the success of your school’s maintenance program.

Complete Facility Audits Seamlessly

The School Facilities Maintenance Task Force provided guidelines for how to perform an asset audit in their 2003 report. Using a school CMMS you are able to abide by their suggestions. Tracking age, wear, and status of equipment is critical to your facility.

Streamline Safety and Compliance Inspections

For educational facilities safety is paramount. Schools need to have quality air, be free from asbestos, water management, and waste management under control. Staying on top of these tasks can be simplified using preventative maintenance.

Satisfied Clients

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Simple And Robust School Management Software

When it comes time to choose a CMMS for your school you want a system that is easy to use and provides you with all of the tools you need to set up a winning maintenance plan. Being able to assign work orders and track their progress is a useful feature. Most software provides this resource. A great CMMS will also allow you to schedule preventive maintenance that allows your team to assess equipment like HVAC systems, boilers, lighting, and even landscaping equipment. Asset tracking is simple with our software, which means budgeting has just gotten a little faster for you. Of course, being able to use our mobile app means your maintenance team doesn’t have to return to the shop to get the next work order or update their status. School maintenance teams have a lot of ground to cover every day. Robust school management software is the best way to streamline your workload.

Everything You Need To Manage Assets And Projects In One Software

Choosing Maintenance Care as your school management software allows you to simplify your work day. You can go from placing a work order, to checking inventory and your preventive schedule in a few quick clicks. Not only are we able to help you streamline your work, but with our mobile app you can do those tasks remotely. Don’t make your teams head back to the shop to get started on the next project use the mobile app. to save time and energy.

School CMMS Software Features

  • Complete work order quickly and efficiently
  • Task management lets your whole team know what needs to be done and when
  • Schedule preventative maintenance to decrease the likelihood of broken equipment
  • Track your assets lifecycles which can help you create more accurate annual budgets
  • Dashboard reporting simplifies tracking and project status
  • Use the mobile app to stay on top of work orders, asset tracking, and manage tasks
  • Store documents in our Space Center for fast retrieval and team sharing
  • Need a vendor to help with a project, shop our vendor store for great rates
  • Smart tracking with our wireless temperature sensors
  • Use Alexa as your personal CMMS assistants with flawless integration

We’re Your School Management Software Ideal Partner

Maintenance workers at schools have a lot to deal with. Between the never-ending flood of work order requests, dodging students in hallways, and ensuring safety of everyone on campus, their work is never done. We understand these challenges which are why we go above and beyond to create a great customer experience. If your team has questions, then our team has answers.

In addition to great customer service, our training program is top notch. We’ve created a training program to help your team become experts at maintaining your campus. Through a series of trainings, we walk you through the system, follow up, and make sure you are comfortable working with our CMMS. Get started by getting a demo today!