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Providing cost-effective maintenance is mandatory for creating a safe, functional, and efficient healthcare facility. Tracking compliance issues, creating accurate budgets, scheduling preventive maintenance, and issuing work orders are critical to the success of healthcare facility management. It’s possible to track these task using calendars and excel tools, but the chances of something getting missed are magnified. The best way to stay on top of your facilities assets, repairs, compliance, and the plethora of other tasks is through a healthcare CMMS. Help your team stay on track, avoid missed inspections, or recertification by implementing a maintenance tracking system. The cost of an error could be more than time and equipment, it could be a life.

All Encompassing Healthcare Facility Management Software

When you are choosing which hospital maintenance software you want a system that will fit your many needs. The most basic feature a healthcare CMMS should have is a work order tool. You need to be able to create work orders, assign team members, and track the progress. For hospitals and clinics broken equipment can delay test results, slow down treatment, and even result in penalties by advisory agencies. The risk of not making necessary repairs and inspections are not worth the consequences. In addition to a work order interface, your software should offer preventative maintenance functionality. Your team needs to schedule and track routine projects like assessing steam sterilizers and generators should be done regularly. Boilers need monthly inspections of valves, packing glands, water quality tests and many more. Using a healthcare CMMS these tasks can be scheduled and tracked to make sure your boilers exceed their lifespan. Of course, tracking projects and tasks are not the only feature a quality CMMS will offer, you need asset tracking. You are responsible for millions of dollars of equipment. You need to quickly be able to track the life of the equipment, the cost, and repair history to create budgets and justify spend request. A quality facility management software will handle all of these needs and more.

Efficient Healthcare Facility Maintenance

The work order requests roll across your desk and computer all day long. The best way to get these repairs and projects under way is through a work order tracking tool. Quickly assign tasks, track progress, and get instant notifications.

Complete Facility Asset Audits Seamlessly

Tracking assets is the best tool for capital planning. You need to know what equipment is reaching the end of its lifecycle and uncover what equipment is being repaired frequently. Health service asset management simplifies this daunting task.

Streamline Safety and Compliance Inspections

Healthcare facilities are licensed by state and federal agencies. It’s critical that you organization is prepared for scheduled and surprise inspections. Through the use preventative maintenance you can ensure that you get passing marks every time.

One Software to Manage Your Whole Healthcare Facility

Choosing Maintenance Care as your healthcare CMMS software simplifies and streamlines your day. You can go from placing a work order, to checking inventory, and your preventive schedule in a few quick clicks. Not only are we able to help you simplify your work, but with our mobile app you can do those tasks remotely. Send work orders and tasks directly to your team using the mobile app, saving them a time wasting trip back to the shop.

Healthcare CMMS Software Features

  • Complete work order quickly and efficiently
  • Task management lets your whole team know what needs to be done and when
  • Schedule preventative maintenance and inspection tasks in advance
  • Track your assets lifecycles to develop accurate capital planning reports
  • Dashboard reporting simplifies tracking and project status
  • Use the mobile app to stay on top of work orders, asset tracking, and manage tasks
  • Store documents in our Space Center for fast retrieval and team sharing
  • Need a vendor to help with a project, shop our vendor store for great rates
  • Smart tracking with our wireless temperature sensors
  • Use Alexa as your personal CMMS assistants with flawless integration

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Healthcare Facility Management’s Best Software Partner

Maintaining a healthcare facility is no easy feat. Not only do you have to repair the equipment used to care for patients, but you also have to track every aspect of a hospital from kitchens to administrators offices. Staying organized and on task is crucial to the success of your facility, but also to the well-being of the patients.

Using a healthcare CMMS that can tracks everything from work orders to asset management simplifies your life. The work you do is making the world a better place and you deserve a tool that makes your job easier. Partnering with Maintenance Care allows you to streamline your day. Contact us today and try our CMMS for free.

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