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Let's say you have a task that requires the help of an outside contractor. You'll need to create a Purchase Order and send it to a Manager for approval.


Now you can create an instant Purchase Order or Quick Invoice directly from an existing task. Like everything else in Maintenance Care, it's very easy to do!


Fire safety has become one of the biggest part of a Facility Manager's responsibility, and for good reason. Some of the most critical aspects of an effective maintenance plan ...


There are quite a few things that you can do at your facility in order to conserve energy and help the environment. The topics covered in this helpful guide are useful to the world around you ...


The iMCare app allows your maintenance team to utilize their mobile device to manage tasks, calculate time spent on a project and receive notifications for preventative maintenance and more.


After months of anticipation, we are extremely happy to report that our new report interface is available for you to run reports at your convenience. We Love Saying Reports!


You now have a simple way to export all of your scheduled tasks into an external calendar of your choice with the click of a button! It works with Google Cal, Apple iCal and Microsoft Outlook Calendars and allows you to block off time in your day more efficiently.


So you have decided to try out facility software and need to know what to look for and how it will be helpful to you. Here are a few things that CMMS from Maintenance Care offers to make your job easier and more efficient.