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Reduce Your Stress With Better Property Maintenance Management

The list of projects and tasks that property managers are responsible for is almost infinite. As a property manager, you are required to maximize value, reduce cost, and increase return on investment for all the assets. At the same time, you need to maintain the properties so that they retain their value, and in many cases, increase it over time. Being able to do both of these tasks with a property management CMMS is the best way for you to ensure your performance is at its peak. Property maintenance software allows you to maintain and repair the properties you manage efficiently. Send out work orders to your maintenance team, schedule preventive maintenance, track assets and PPE, build emergency preparedness plans and develop accurate budgets with an all-in-one CMMS.

Quickly Create Work Orders for Your Properties

Our work order software was designed for property managers. It was created to allow for fast work order assignment and tracking. Use the mobile app to remotely assign tasks to your crew while they are en route to a location.

Manage Your Properties' Assets Efficiently

Asset managers are required to track assets, improve ROI, and increase the value of the property they manage. Using an asset management tool, you can seamlessly track assets, plan budgets, and review repair history and equipment life expectancy data.

Pre-Schedule Routine Inspections And Repairs

Staying ahead of broken equipment is half the battle for property managers. Using an in-depth preventative maintenance protocol will make sure your renters can run their businesses or keep their homes happy and running smoothly.

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Asset Management And Property Maintenance Tracked In One Software

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could wear your asset management hat and then switch to your property maintenance hat seamlessly? Using Maintenance Care’s CMMS, you can. Our all-in-one software lets you manage and maintain all your properties while also completing your asset responsibilities. Start your day with our simple work order software. Track current projects, assign new work orders, and get instant notifications. You can use our mobile app to assign work orders to your team while they are at different properties. Using the preventive maintenance feature, you can preschedule inspections that take place each month, season, quarter or year. Once you have known all of your properties are on track, you can dive into asset management.
Our asset tracking feature allows you to easily create asset tracking lists, review equipment life expectancy, and review repair history. The most valuable element of our property management asset tracking software is its ability to aid in capital planning. You don’t want to replace those AC units if they aren’t due. Are any of your properties due for new fire and carbon monoxide detectors? Use that knowledge to buy in bulk and save money. Being a property manager requires multitasking like a master; using the right software lets you perform at your peak.

Property Management Software For Asset Management And Maintenance

Choosing Maintenance Care as your property management CMMS software simplifies and streamlines your day. You can go from placing a work order, to assessing assets in few quick clicks. Not only are we able to help you simplify your work, but with our mobile app you can do those tasks remotely. You can send work orders and tasks directly to your team using the mobile app, saving time for the whole team.

Property Management CMMS Software Features

  • Complete work order quickly and efficiently
  • Task management lets your whole team know what needs to be done and when
  • Schedule preventative maintenance and inspection tasks in advance
  • Track your assets' lifecycles to develop accurate capital planning reports
  • Dashboard reporting simplifies tracking and project status
  • Use the mobile app to stay on top of work orders, asset tracking, and manage tasks
  • Store documents in our Space Center for fast retrieval and team sharing
  • Need a vendor to help with a project, shop our vendor store for great rates
  • Smart tracking with our wireless temperature sensors
  • Use Alexa as your personal CMMS assistants with flawless integration

Property Management Software That Does Double Duty

Whether you need to maintain one property or dozens a well-rounded CMMS is exactly what you need to get all of that work done. With Maintenance Care’s CMMS you don’t only get a tool that streamlines maintenance, but you also get access to our complete asset management features.

You no longer need to switch between software or spread sheets. All of the data you need to succeed at your job can now be found in one place. Improve your efficiency right away, give our property management software a test drive today.