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Live Maintenance Lists for Work Orders

Keeping things easily accessible allows you to manage all of your tasks with software for work orders. Quickly access all of your information in one convenient, well displayed list. → read more

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Easy Work Order Request Forms

Give access for submitting maintenance requests easily through a web form. Enable your maintenance team to use software for work orders and receive tasks from others who discover potential issues. → read more

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Instant Work Order Requests

Allow your team to automatically be notified of any new requests that needs attention. Our service order software allows for notification by email and text messages that can be delivered instantly. → read more

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Remote Access with Easy Mobile App

Our cross platform facility management software mobile app allows your team to manage their entire day without a desktop computer. The power of mobility keeps them connected to the important issues. → read more

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Easy Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Plan your entire workload and improve building efficiencies automatically through sound scheduling. Review ongoing task scheduling routines and make changes using our service order software. → read more

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Compliance Maintenance Tracking

Quickly isolate those preventive tasks that require special attention allowing you to easily create a comprehensive report to maintain facility standards for compliance regulators. → read more

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Attached Documents

Automatically include special files or documents to any preventive maintenance task within our facility management software. Forms can be uploaded and linked to a PM task for easy access. → read more

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Task Assignment for Maintenance

Task scheduling is greatly improved when it can be automatically assigned to one of your maintenance team members within a software for work orders. Accountability and results are sure to follow. → read more

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Complete Asset Lists

Keep all of your asset information in one convenient facility management software. Maintain records on all essential information including make, model, serial number and much more. → read more

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Equipment Life Expectancy Tracking

Predicting asset performance can help save your organization thousands of dollars every year. Trending the life expectancy of assets can allow for effective evaluation of spending practices. → read more

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Capital Planning

Forecasting and budgeting for asset replacement can eliminate unnecessary unplanned repair expenditures as well as reduce possible downtime for those key pieces of equipment within your facility. → read more

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Asset Repair and Cost Tracking

The ability to easily capture and access repair transaction history on software for work orders for any piece of equipment allows for a sustainable process to accurately profile their performance. → read more

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CMMS Dashboards & Charts

Our beautifully designed dashboards provides you with a quick overview of all your systems. Modify and customized your dashboard to your liking and easily print any graphs for distribution. → read more

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CMMS Tracking for Everyone

Run endless reports on various components within our facility management software. Choose your preferred view between overview tabulations to very detailed lists. → read more

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Data Export

All of the information you enter inside of your software for work orders is easily exportable for your convenience. Use the export wizard to back up all of your data from various reports in .csv formats. → read more

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Robust Database Tracking

Our mySQL databases are built for maximum efficiency. The focus was to create an infrastructure that reflected our goal of ultimate customizability, speed and most of all, security. → read more

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Mobile App for Maintenance Team Access

The iMCare App allows your maintenance team to carry their task list with them all day long. Manage tasks, receive notifications and lookup assets all from your mobile device of choice. → read more

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Cross Platform

We give you the option of choosing what type of mobile device you want in your pocket. We built the iMCare App to work on Apple devices, Android devices and Blackberry touch devices. → read more

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Cloud Storage for CMMS

Keep all of your documentation in relation to your facility in one, easy to access location. We make sure that your schematics, training documents or other related files are safe and secure. → read more

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Mobile Access

Utilize the power of mobility to access stored documents and images, or through the iMCare mobile app, take pictures of incidents or assets and directly upload them to your file folders. → read more

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Automated Temperature Logs

With the help of low cost wireless sensors, you can capture temperature readings for specific points of interests within your facility. Set minimum and maximum levels to ensure performance. → read more

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Wireless Sensors

Low cost wireless sensors are available for various use including submersible monitoring, surface temperature logging, freezer applications and ambiant room temperature and humidity. → read more

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Maintenance Care CMMS Integration

Get Sensored is fully integrated with Maintenance Care on various levels including the ability for instant task creation and notifications upon out of range sensor temperature reading. → read more